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 The university council agreed in principle to changing the name from Victoria University of Wellington to University of Wellington… Katarina Williams, Dominion Post Wednesday August 1 2018

… the university council must be congratulated on single-handedly uniting Left and Right, a very difficult thing to do in Wellington. Journalist Dave Armstrong

What’s in a name?

By Roger Childs

A lot. Many readers will be  “ Vic graduates” and remember their times at the university on the hill with nostalgic pride. My parents were at times embarrassingly proud that all of their four sons had qualifications from Victoria. They, and my two late brothers, as well as the old queen herself, will be rolling in their graves at the news of a possible name change.

If the rebranding goes ahead the cost will run into hundreds of thousands of dollars; the quality university magazine will need to drop its inspired name of Victorious, and alumni groups all over the world like the one a couple of our friends belong to in Sydney will need a new identity.

But what’s the problem?

The full name of the institution is Victoria University of Wellington. The council is worried that there is confusion, especially among potential overseas students, over where Victoria is located. Can you work that out?

Where are Columbia, Massey, the Sorbonne and Monash located? How about Wellington for Victoria?

The suggestion for dropping Victoria did not come from a groundswell of students, faculty and alumni. As Dave Armstrong puts it: It was a brilliant idea from management and we know how they end up.

 Let’s hope he’s right and the idea ends up in the garbage bin of history.

Surely the university council has more important issues to deal with.

Will it happen?

Vice Chancellor, Professor Grant Guilford feels a name change would be in the best interests of the university.

However, a 30 page discussion paper has been released and there will be two weeks of public consultation.

Hopefully the council will heed the overwhelming opposition to a change. Feel free to add your voice.

Vic is steeped in history and long may the old Queen’s name be upheld.

God save the queen!

I taught at Vic for26 years ,and have been involved along with my senior lecturer wife for over 50 years. Change for no or dodgy reasoning is intolerable, can you imagine Harvard Princton or Yale changing their name? there is pride and tradition, may it continue, where would we be if we lost our soul? Vice Chancelor Guilford has a history of cop out ,don’t let him influence here!!!

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