FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Don’t Arm the Planes!

at some stage, just the mere threat of being able to carry weapons and do something that is aggressive … That allows us to operate a the high end of the spectrum, which our friends and allies want us to do. New Zealand Defence Forces (NZDF) Chief, Kevin Short

Not in the league

By Roger Childs

Defence Minister Ron Mark made the announcement

Kevin Short clearly has delusions of grandeur. New Zealand has one of the smallest air forces in the world but plenty of highly paid senior officers flying desks.

Does the NZDF Chief think that countries like China, Russia, Japan or Korea will be frightened of our four “armed” aircraft?

Most people will certainly approve of replacing the aging Orions.

We have a very long coastline for a small country and need to have aircraft to provide surveillance for our huge Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), and rescue capability.

A good buy

Buying the new P-8 Poseidons is a sensible move.

The Orions were past their used-by date and were subject to periodic breakdowns and long time-outs for maintenance.

Some with raise their eyes at the $2.3 billion price tag, but such hardware does not come cheap.

National are happy because they set the process for the purchase in motion.

There have long been concerns about what is going on in our extensive EEZ, especially with the regular encroachment of fishing vessels, especially from Asia.

Also the way in which some crews have been treated on these boats has been a big worry.

Many crews are poorly treated and harshly exploited

Journalist, Michael Field, has exposed many of the issues.

In his new book, “The Catch”, he reveals stories of modern slavery in which men from poor countries are trapped on filthy, unsafe ships, abused by those in charge, and receive little or no pay. Radio New Zealand

We are not a big power!

Maritime surveillance will be the key role for these new aircraft.

The idea that we will be hunting submarines and possibly blowing them out of the water is highly fanciful. We are not even a small power and no-one is going be scared of our tiny squadron.

It would be ludicrous to add missiles and other weapons to the Poseidons and a waste of taxpayers’ money.

In the highly unlikely eventuality of an air battle with another country, how long would our four planes last?

Common sense needs to prevail.

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