FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Collusion – Big Parties and the Media

(Our FOOD FOR THOUGHT columns are opinion pieces designed to get readers thinking about issues. Today our guest contributor is John McLean, author and commentator. He examines what he feels are the critical issues that the politicians should be addressing in the election campaign.)

 Election campaign hijacked

By John McLean

This election campaign has been hijacked by the sinister combination of National, Labour and the mainstream media. Three debates – all compered (controlled) by the mainstream media in the form of Mike Hosking, Patrick Gower, etc.

Why not get a professor of political science from a university to compose and ask the questions?

Or two people – one from the trade union movement and one from the employers’ federation? Instead we have the mainstream media controlling the questions, the agenda and the issues. 

Serious issues: special rights and growing debt

Some are more equal than others?

New Zealand is currently facing some serious issues – more troubling than any in the last few decades.

Creeping apartheid. The continuing process of apartheid whereby rights, that were once the same for everybody, are increasingly being determined by one’s bloodline, with superior rights for those who can claim a smidgeon of Maori blood.

The Nation’s Indebtedness. When the financially ignorant Bill English took over as finance minister in 2008, the government’s net public debt was $10.3 billion (5.4% of GDP).

By his trademark incompetence English has managed to increase this to over $60 billion by 2017 (25% of GDP) so as to keep alive the illusion that, under National, the country is doing well.

And this increase is on top of all the state-owned assets that National sold off to reduce debt!!

New Zealand’s net international liabilities are now one of the highest of so-called developed countries. How will we ever pay it back, like Greece?

China’s creeping takeover of New Zealand

National continues to allow companies controlled by the dictatorship of Communist China to buy our forests, farms, vineyards, processing plants, etc. even though no New Zealander or New Zealand company can buy freehold land in China.

National is now in the pocket of China and seems to make decisions in the interests of Communist China, (even at the expense of New Zealanders), so as to curry favour for National politicians in their retirement.

Jenny Shipley, after doing a favour for ex-Chinese President Jiang Zemin, is now China’s girl in New Zealand, earning megabucks in “directors fees” for sitting on the board of companies owned by the government of China, and now we have John Key selling his Auckland house for an estimated $20 million to a member of China Inc., the business arm of China’s repressive dictatorship.

How much is the real value of the house, or is there also an “excess” as a reward for allowing China Inc. to take over so much of New Zealand?

So do these three matters – by far the most important issues (threats) facing the country – dominate or even appear in the televised debates? Of course not.

The reality of child poverty

Instead they have managed to drag up something that is not even an issue in this country – child poverty.

Reality or a myth?

In Asia, Africa and Latin America there is child poverty, but not here where government welfare is adequate, if not generous – from the DPB to financial assistance from WINZ to help with rent.

60% of rental properties in Auckland now have a government rental accommodation supplement paid on them because their tenants allegedly cannot afford the full rent.

Of course, some children will live in families that are poorer than others, but this has always been and always will be the case, except in a rigidly controlled communist system.

And it is dangerous in a welfare society to bang the drum for “child poverty” as that leads some parents to expect that the state (i.e. the taxpayer) will pay to bring up their children.

So, when Bill and Jacinda prattle on about “child poverty” please remember that they are only paying lip service to a non-existent thing solely to deceive the voters and distract the public’s attention from the real issues, three of which have been listed above.