Fintan O’Toole’s Diary — Waiting For Guru

I’ve now received advice that Kapit Mayor K Gurunathan is finally thinking of a reply to my 3-week-old request for his concrete achievements while in office.

Concrete achievemtns sought

On June 24, in my open letter to Mayor Guru and Regional Councillor Penny Gaylor I asked them to name their concrete achievements over the past three years.

Penny Gaylor, Regional Cr — she’s not hiding her light behind a bush

Cr Gaylor sent a reply within a couple of hours.

But Mayor Guru, due to his religious sensibilities (fundamentally Christian), is may be still calling on the Lord to help out.

But, speaking as a lapsed Mick, I can tell him it’s like asking the Holy Father for a handout from the Vatican Bank.

Meanwhile, here are the rules (again):

  • Please answer the questions
  • Point to something concrete achieved for locals
  • No public relations input
  • No abstract blather
  • No fibs
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