Fintan O’Quoile Launches Hunt for National’s Homeless Man

Fintan Gets Onto the National’s Hunt
for the Homeless Man

As National myopia has taken over in Michael Woodhouse’s hunt for the Homeless Man, I’ve decided to organise a nationwide MI5-type inquiry, with appropriate rewards.

Last week I made extensive inquiries among my homeless contacts in the Capital.


Michael Woodhouse is till defending his claim the Homeless Man got a free two-week stay at a COVID-19 hotel, saying ‘it’s really difficult to prove it.’

The thing is, as the Nats know, these homeless buggers will try to get a free ride anywhere they can.

“Homeless Man’ is quite possibly in the Wellington Region, so I’m offering a $100 voucher for anyone who prove they’ve located the miscreant.

The National Party’s Health Spookesm an deserves all the herlp he can get.

Please report your suspicions to Fintan O’Toole, c/- of the Kapiti Independent.

Interestingly just watched the Bell and Pottinger doco on Doc Edge, ‘Influencers’ and there was a quote…”just because you can’t prove it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen”….does this not sound familiar, Michael Woodhouse…..dirty politics at work me thinks?

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