Expressway Traffic Set To Roll!

Midnight tonight

By Roger Childs

The Wharemauku Bridge

After three years of construction, traffic will flow along the Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway, three months ahead of schedule.

My impeccable source is of a workman at the Wharemauku Bridge. NZTA vehicles have been driving up  and down the down the road today making final checks and doing some fine-tuning.

Over the last few days the main area of activity has been at the Te Moana bridge, getting the on and off ramps finished, the signage completed and the lights functioning.

There should be less traffic and fewer big trucks at the Otaihanga roundabout

Along with the highway the cycleways/walkways will also be open.

It will be interesting to see how things unfold, however there should be a noticeable reduction in congestion on local roads, especially during the morning and evening commuter times.

If the council of Mayor Rowan hadn’t vacillated for so long, the local link road could have been the reality. However, the end result would have been more tarmac and it’s really only the section between Poplar Ave and Coastlands where the old SH1 is wider than it needs to be for what is now the local road.

Very happy to see it finished. However we should not forget that a proposed local route was stolen in a classic bait and switch of entry and exits. We are left with the old highway as the new local route and to please vested business interests the first full expressway exit (going north) arrives in the middle of an already congested area.