Execrable English From NZ Cabinet Minister As He Gnashes Teeth Over Low Value Tourists

NZ’s new Tourism Minister Stuart Nash takes this week’s prize for bad English,.

Low net worth Minister

He has gone into a rave over the need for ‘high net worth individuals’ to be given the red (?) carpet treatment in New Zealand.

He told a Tourism conference:

“What I’m saying is, all our marketing effort will go into high net worth individuals who are looking for a piece of paradise at the moment as they sit in lockdown in New York or London.”

“These would be the sort of tourist who “flies business class or premium economy, hires a helicopter, does a tour round Franz Josef and then eats at a high-end restaurant”.

So who is ‘high net worth’ in this leftwing Labour Paradise?

KIN can tell you — the hundreds of thousands of Kiwis who’re living in poor- quality rented accommodation because Mr Nash and his fellow ‘high net worth’ MP’s won’t face up to their responsibility to help provide a decent country to live in.

Many of us have been ‘freedom campers’ in the past. It’s something young people from around the world do to make ends meet.

I’d rather welcome them than many of the ‘high net worth’ folks that Mr Nash slavers over,.

While you are bashing Nash it’s worth remembering he bungled the firearms buyback by ignoring expert advice. It looks as though he is going down the same path with the backpackers. As industry experts are pointing out, ablution facilities should be more prolific for everyone’s sake not just backpackers. These same backpackers pick our fruit for goodness sake.

Minister Nash wants to have a wee chat to those tourism and visitor attraction operators in rural, small, medium and large towns and their staff, across the country who survive on the spending of those ……’undesirable Low net worth tourists’ I would imagine he will get an ear-full.
Looks like he got his lessons in a “How to destroy a lucrative tourism industry book’.

It may be that “high net worth individuals” will be the only ones who can afford to pay for food and accommodation in NZ as the prices of both will soon be out of the reach of common people?


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