Execrable English From Academics Who Should Know Better

Editor Alan Tristram highlights a ghastly new word coined by book-loving Wellington academics who should know better — ‘de-accessioned.’

‘I ask you, do you often ‘de-accession’ your books?

The word is a new favourite of those who support moves by the National Library to get rid of some 600,000 overseas books, to make way for more Maori and Pasifika titles.


KIN has no axe to grind either way.

But why don’t the supporters say the Library is clearing its shelves, getting rid of, or removing unwanted books?

‘De-accessioning’ is a euphemism used when it’s painful to speak the truth.

But I must go — it’s time for me to de-accession some of my morning tea.

Classic! It’s another another entry for ‘The New Gobbledygook’ NZ dictionary we published in the 2000s. Presumably the National Library wants to increase holdings of NZ books generally, not just on Maori and Pasifika subjects.

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