Ex-Mayor: ‘Guru Mustn’t ‘Hoodwink’ On Housing

Former Kāpiti Mayor Iride McCloy

Former Kāpiti Mayor Iride McCloy says the KCDC must act now to protect social housing.

And she slates Kāpiti’s present Mayor for trying to ‘hoodwink’ local residents about what he and the Council are doing.

The issue was highlighted recently by the Council’s plan to sell off a house in central Paraparaumu and evict a large family with a special-needs child.

‘No good blaming central Government’

Iride McCloy says: “It is no good the mayor blaming central government. This is a Kapiti issue and has been handled very badly.

“The family has been very poorly treated and the trauma for them is ongoing because council seem to be inconsistent and full of probabilities with housing.

“Mayor  Krishnasamy Gurunathan who whilst being a valued journalist cannot hoodwink the residents of Kapiti by placing blame on Government agencies!”

Mayor avoiding responsibility, says McCloy

She says the Mayor has mentioned his involvement and concern for the housing crisis that people are experiencing in Kapiti in his (newspaper)column,  and yet avoids his responsibility in working with the CEO and team in KCDC to address the housing crisis.

She adds: “I believe that if the residents of Kapiti are not vigilant in monitoring the 117 social houses with the additional larger houses all could be sold to address the chronic debt that rate payers are saddled with.

“For Mayor Krishnasamy Gurunathan to advocate transparency in his Council and to conduct these housing and debt meetings in public excluded is the measure of credibility for this Council.

“I believe that the family should be given an immediate reassurance that their tenure is safe until the council has a sensible policy and an acceptable alternative house can be found.

“In the interim, as a measure of good faith, the Mayor must give the family a letter confirming this recommendation”.

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