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Editor Alan Tristram backs the Maori welcome for Neve and their naming suggestions for baby,

Politicians and writers like Bud should be wary of badmouthing anything to do with babies.

You’ll always be on the losing side!

I think it’s great that Iwi want to be involved. It’s part of what we are as a nation — and  PM Ardern and Clarke were quite capable of coming to their own decision.

So, let the grinches be silent and we can make the new baby’s life as politics-free as possible… not yet another area to beat Maori over the head for some imagined crime.

Aroha to all I say!

“Make the baby’s life as politics-free as possible”? Hmm, isn’t that a bit hard, Mr Editor, when many, if not most, people can see that her highly political mother had her (not to mention gave her the obligatory Maori name) as a political stunt?

Doubtless lefties will now feign great indignation at this statement of the obvious. 🙂

But seriously Alan, well done for being one of the few editors in the land to publish articles that align with the views of the vast majority of New Zealanders, even though they don’t accord with your own personal views.

In displaying such tolerance, you have passed with flying colours the ultimate test of free speech.

People like Marama Fox are conveniently forgetting that Maori were on the way out before the ‘whitey’ came. They were heading nowhere. No written language, constant fighting, running out of food sources, nowhere else to go in their canoes, and the list goes on. They were killing each other off. If it wasn’t the dreaded ‘whitey’ they would have been taken over by someone else. Ugghhh, you’d think the way they go on they had it all worked out and a wonderful life. Now these people pushing this Maori domination thing want everything that ‘whitey’ has given them all for themselves. It’s not the majority of Maori, who just want to be left alone to live their lives, it’s a crazy few who want to rule over everyone else. They would have been the Te Rauparaha’s of history – get rid of all competition and those that don’t agree with you. I’d like to know where all the billions have gone that’s been given to a few of them. It certainly doesn’t seem to be being shared with the ‘common’ Maori people, who generally are lovely people. Jeez. J.

So political correctness reins supreme in NZ does it? Any contrary view not espoused by the pc brigade elicits the same old name calling just because one such as Bud has the audacity, to them, to raise his head above the trench. “Shoot it off” they clamour.
Well I know first hand how this all works you indoctrinate the children with mumbo jumbo and keep them ignorant of Truth, the modus operandi of all authoritarian regimes, but make sure you don’t teach them world history otherwise they might stumble on to your agenda. Well I can tell you, addressing the pc brigade, that anyone leading these little ones astray would be better off being thrown into the sea with a mill stone attached to their necks than falling into the hand of Almighty God.

Many of my friends have Maori ancestry and of course as well as European. The Treaty was obviously about ‘one people’ so why doesn’t a person with Maori and European ancestry proudly embrace both?
At times I wonder where do I live, in New Zealand or some mystical land called Aotearoa? A knowledgeable source told me the word ‘Aotearoa’ is the Waitaha name for the South Island, given in honour of one of their canoes. Waitaha’s name for the North Island is Whai Repo. They never had a name for all of New Zealand.
The Aotearoa was never a Polynesian name, never applied to the entire country and certainly doesn’t translate to ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ in any language. The whole thing is myth from start to finish she told me.
So I’m really confused when I hear Radio NZ and TV presenters saying we’re on Planet Aotearoa and even some businesses latch onto the myth. Let’s get on with being one people. Tony Orman

What an unusual role for Alan Tristram to take on. “Bully boy”, attempting to shut me up with claims that I bad mouth babies or make accusations of imagined crimes hardly suits an editor. However I remain unrepentant and stand by my comments, adding that TV One has to “admire” maoridom for their audacity because their stock and trade is to try anything on to con the public of NZ mostly at the taxpayer’s expense, so why not try to Maori name the new PM’s baby as well.The good news is that I must have touched Alan’s raw “bully nerve” judging by the way he launched out of his cage kicking and screaming and maybe he will now rein in his bully tactics and let opinions speak freely as they should like a real editor. In so far as one can tolerate the creeping separatism and Maorification of everything; Maoridom, attempting to push into the PM’s private life by “gifting” the baby a Maori name remains blatant naked racism, unbecoming of an editor in our media to support. So yes, as the song goes, “God defend NZ” Oh, and just for the record Alan, Iwi don’t just want to be involved they want to “gate crash” everything while we pay, always worked before why would they stop!!

Bud was most certainly not bad-mouthing the newborn – he was simply commenting on the racist aspects of what was nothing more than a farce!
Please read my earlier comments.
I was under the misguided impression that the Independent News was ‘independent’ and above racism!

Excerpt from NZCPR files (SPEAKING FREELY) by Dr Muriel Newman

….In fact, the agenda of those pushing the Maori language is far more sinister than many realise.

Marama Fox, the former co-leader of the Maori Party, which used to represent the tribal elite in Parliament, outlined their plan for the Maori language in an interview in the Listener before the election. It involved replacing our Westminster model of Parliamentary democracy in New Zealand with a “unique form of governance that would favour Maori customs, principles and values.”

She explained it was all ‘plotted out’: “It would take 36 years – 12 election cycles – for a Maori sovereignty party to sharegovernment… it’s a radical vision… but if we believe in it, then we need to march towards it.”
She explained that the “critical step” in shifting the thinking of New Zealanders to make it all possible was “to make the Maori language a core subject in the country’s schools”.

Marama Fox argued that “people look at things differently once they’ve acquired te reo. It’s a world view. The Maori world view is different and that’s expressed in the language. The language unlocks our history and our thinking.”

In other words, the compulsory teaching of the Maori language is key to enable the Maori sovereignty movement to impose their self-serving agenda onto New Zealand.

That’s why Maori sovereignty advocates like Marama Fox are determined to have Maori taught in schools as a compulsory subject. It’s a tool for political control and is fundamental to the successful indoctrination of the next generation, which is a pre-requisite to gaining political governance……



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