Ducklings Killed On Expressway

These ducklings made it — but the Expressway ducklings didn’t

Denny McLeod, who lives near Levin, asks readers whether anyone cares about the slaughter of ducks and ducklings on the Kapiti Expressway.

Two duck families killed

She says: “I travel to Porirua every day for work and last year I witnessed two families of ducks and ducklings get killed crossing the new expressway.

In the process, two trucks almost ran into each other and tipped.
This happened north-bound, just before the Waikanae off ramp/exit, where there’s a pond on the east and west side of the expressway.
“Then four weeks ago, I witnessed the same thing (in the same area).  The mother duck managed to shuffle her brood to the middle medium strip only to be decimated on the other side. “
NZTA ‘s lack of interest
“Last year I wrote to NZTA to share my sadness at witnessing such a horrible sight and to warn that it was a major accident waiting to happen.
I was extremely upset given I offered a fairly simple solution  — I offered to pay for the bird netting (it would only be approx 8 metres each side to just deter them).
As you can clearly see, there is railing approx 0.5mtr height  on the side of the road as a guide rail.  This was why I suggested that they run a strip of small bird netting to the height of the rail along that piece of road where the ducks cross (both sides would be optimal) as this should stop the mother duck getting through although it would have to be the extra small netting to stop her ducklings
But this time they haven’t even responded, other than an automated email to say someone would be in touch soon  — no response four weeks later.  I wrote to SPCA asking that they also speak up, but they were not interested.
Car drivers do their best
Both times, cars tried their best to avoid these gorgeous creatures and nearly collided in the process.  I know human safety comes first, but it’s a natural response to not want to wipe them out.
After I emailed NZTA with the suggestion they erect bird netting, their response was that they expected some wildlife loss and that was why they placed two ponds opposite each other.  Stupid if you ask me given the ducks obviously are drawn to the other side of the road because of this very fact.  Still, NZTA really don’t care.
Does anyone care?
Does no one care?  Apart from the death of these cute creatures, this is going to cause a major accident sooner rather than later yet no one seems interested in a simple solution, even when someone offers to pay for it.
I’m a Tutor, and often talk to my students about desensitisation and how as a society we have become that much more removed from horrific sights —  such as  when one runs over someone’s pet and keeps running over it until it no longer resembles a cat or duck or hawk.  When did this become okay?

Thanks Carissa. I don’t understand why NZTA won’t at least try given it’s an accident waiting to happen (for humans)


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