Dishonesty Over Kapiti Poisoning

And how is a February drop going to help birds, this season’s birds have fledged, and the rats will have recovered to even higher numbers just in time for next year’s nesting. Bill Wallace

OSPRI needs to be truthful

By Roger Childs

1080 poisoning should be banned in New Zealand, as it is in most parts of the world.

It is sickening when the Department of Conservation’s sanctioned perpetrators trot out barefaced lies to justify their dirty work. This from OSPRI (Operational Solutions for Primary Industries) to back their proposed poison drop in the Kapiti foothills:

The operation, designed in consultation with local communities and landowners, aims to prevent the spread of bovine tuberculosis (TB)

Not guilty!

into the neighbouring farms and lifestyle blocks around Reikorangi, and reduce the risk of TB infection being maintained by possums.

It is time to stop the repetitive lies: the truth is possums don’t spread TB to cattle.


New Zealand is TB free!

OSPRI have spent $10’s of millions aerially 1080’ing around Golden Bay on the pretext of “saving us” from the mythical and imaginary TB possum. Bill Wallace

Not catching TB from possums

Ospri is trying to eradicate bovine Tb in possums by 2040. But as Fiona McQueen states below, the country is already Tb free.

If the national herd bovine tuberculosis rate for cattle is < 0.2% this allows the country to have TB-free status. New Zealand has had a bovine TB infection rate of 0.04% for the last 10 years. Fiona McQueen The Quiet Forest p. vi

Testing over the last ten years has shown that, except in extremely rare cases, possums do not carry Tb. The former cabinet minister with responsibility for agriculture, and himself a farmer, should know:

over a ten year period, 124,000 autopsied possums showed an incidence of 0.04 per cent while 9830 possums autopsied last year showed zero incidence. Nathan Guy, Minister of Primary Industries, speaking in parliament in 2016 about levels of tuberculosis in possums

1000s of deer were probably killed by the October 1080 drop

Ospri claimed that in Molesworth for an October 2017 1080 drop: the justification for possum control was compelling and also carried significant conservation benefits.

No evidence for these conclusions was provided. (Scroll down to December 12, to see an article on the Molesworth disaster.)

Organisations such as Federated Farmers, Forest and Bird and OSPRI need to tell the public the truth about bovine TB.

(Scroll down to January 2 to see the OSPRI press release on the planned February 1080 drop in Kapiti.)

Stop the poisoning!

The beautiful Reikorangi Valley

It is time to stop the wasteful and destructive dumping of 1080 on our land. Sodium monofluoroacetate can kill anything that breathes, and it can be a long and agonising death for the people, animals and birds affected.

There is no justification for the choppers to drop their lethal loads on the Tararua foothills behind the Kapiti Coast. Possums are not spreading TB and in fact, the rare cases of bovine TB that have occurred this century, such as a minor recent infection in Golden Bay, have been caused by the movement of cattle and deer around the country.

I am currently reading Tom Scott’s excellent memoir, Drawn Out. Over the years he has been an astute graphic observer of environmental issues in New Zealand.

One of the cartoon reproduced on the flyleaf, shows a back-country landscape with the words PURE GREEN NZ 100% HOGWASH.

Not that we need any more reasons to ‘justify’ human extinction.
How we treat our children is good enough.
But killing any creature with 1080, earns those people a special room in hell.

Jacinda Ardern: ‘Climate change is my generation’s nuclear-free moment’

Well 1080 is our Auschwitz. What does that make the Government?

Winston/NZ First was meant to be anti 1080 ? What happened there ?

Who is making all the money? They must have names? Pension fund ? Kiwi Saver?

Another great article from Roger Childs. TBfree /OSPRI are a rogue organisation and have to be disbanded.
They waste $M 60 to $M 80 million dollars annually on a fairytale about TB and possums.
Independent scientists have examined their science closely and it’s fraudulent. It does not stack up, in house smoke and mirrors. I ought to know, I started my career as a Government Scientist working on TB and possums in 1973.
They fund other Government Departments like DoC and Universities to conduct studies which rubber stamp their fairy tales about poisons, pests and biodiversity benefits.

Only just finished spending five days in an OSPRI 1080 poison operation for Tb infected possums and never found one single possum carcass but did find one of four dead tomtits again six months after the poisoning op. Lew