Democracy Group Formed

KCC formed to keep watch on KCDC

By the Editor, Alan Tristram

A new group — Kapiti Concerned Citizens (KCC) — has been formed to campaign for more democracy in local government on the Kāpiti Coast.

And former Councillor Lyndy McIntyre told its first meeting of her experiences of democracy being ‘railroaded’ while she was serving on the Kāpiti Coast District Council.

More than 60 people attended the first public meeting of the  group last night.
Those attending included several present or former local body representatives.

Ms McIntyre talked about the Paraparaumu Airport development plans, a golden handshake for the previous CEO, and the Kapiti Expressway as examples of KCDC ‘trampling over democratic principles. ‘

KCC spokesperson Sam Buchanan says: “The KCC is a new group working to prevent user-pays water schemes being instituted in Kapiti and campaigning for increased democracy in Kapiti’s local government.

‘Real need for watchdog’

“Events over the last few years have demonstrated a real need for a long-term group to act as a council watchdog.” .

“People in Kapiti have seen the council develop an increasing disdain for the views of residents – they take resident’s rates but reject resident’s opinions.”

“Unfortunately, this has led to a widespread feeling that there’s no point engaging with local issues. The KCC will provide a focus for local people to raise concerns and apply pressure to those who refuse to represent us,” Mr Buchanan says.

Jackie Elliott chairs the society. — and the committee members are: Sam Buchanan, Jenny Cronin, Jeffrey Kendall, Lynda Reynolds, John Livesey, Steve Mitchell, Jean Kahui and Terry Bellamak.


The new expressway is a necessity. Its plan will affect a number of folk, but far less than other plans which were considered.

As I have no council water supply, water meters do not affect me.

However I do believe that the Elizabeth Street underpass in Waikanae is an urgent necessity.
Each council contender prior to the last elections when asked by me at the local meeting agreed with me, but when elected did nothing to raise this matter. My local councillor has even suggested I should approach the Transport Department!!!
Surely this is a Kapiti District Council responsibility which requires urgent attention.

“But I know I should just shut up, and let you all play your games.”
Best thing you’ve said yet. I agree totally with you on that.

Roy I had a lot of faith in the new ‘green’ council we ended up with when Rowen got in the first time, as all the new council had been sort of bombarded with peak oil/climate change information , being as that was all I talked about at every election meeting I attended, with equal speaking time as Lindy and co, I gave every candidate ample opportunity to be fully aware of the situation we face, yet one of the first official actions condoned by the likes of Lindy and her mate was to permit the Lawton memorial burnout ?
Then they condoned not only spending something like $90 k on those squiggly light bulbs, but the distribution of these little mercury vapor bombs above the heads of most Kapiti children. Do some research – they also defended their actions via the Observer.
If some of the ‘green’/aware counselors had spent their 3 years on the community tit, educating the general dumb public, then maybe, just maybe ‘we’ would be laughing at the link highway and transmission gully bullshit, ‘we’ might have some community watch/garden groups set up, and the Transition Town movement might not be a memory.
Just like the green party and their condoning of Kiwi Saver = a growth based ponzi saving scam, based on consuming the planet.
In the end we get the leaders we deserve.
But I know I should just shut up, and let you all play your games.

Robert, why are you so consitently negative in your observations about other people having their say? Lyndy did well during her term on council, but was eventually ground down by the system of one person/one vote and if you have not sufficent votes to back you up among the councillors, you are dog tucker, as the others will just eat you up with what ever the mayor (his/her) has their mind set upon. If you are not in that swim, you try to fight back, if you have the right spirit, otherwise you go along for the ride as it would currently appear!

Lyndy had her chance , she gave use mercury contamination of our children’s bedrooms and air pollution at the memorial Lawton burn out. = a fail

Kapiti people need to exercise their democratic rights and submit on the expressway that could be coming through your community. Please get informed, stand up for your ideals and make your voices heard. Visit the website or your local library for forms and guidance on how to write a submission. Short and to the point is good – how will it affect you and your family?

I would like to be actively involved in this new group.

The determination of this corrupt council and it’s undemocratic water meters may be the last straw and catalyst for me to decide selling up and leaving the Kapiti Coast and moving to rural Hawkes Bay, especially after losing a large lump of my retirement money, under the guidance of a Kapiti Coast financial adviser.