Deadly Global Scorching Threatens Billions Of Humans, Warns Avaaz

“This isn’t global warming anymore. It’s global scorching,” says Avaaz.

Avaaz is a 65-million-person global campaign network that works to ensure that the views and values of the world’s people shape global decision-making. (“Avaaz” means “voice” or “song” in many languages.)

“Our world is hotter now than any time in recorded history, unleashing a firestorm of heatwaves, megadroughts, and acidifying seas,” AVAAZ says. “We are shattering the temple of life, with a million species on the edge of extinction.

Within 50 years, 1.5 billion people could be forced to flee temperatures as hot as the Sahara desert — already 20 million are forced to run every year.

We’re living through one of the greatest upheavals of life on earth, and it’s caused by a global rise of just 1°C. We’re on track for 3°C. Just imagine the hostile and desolate planet our children will inherit.

But here’s the most important bit: We CAN still turn this around — we may be the last generation who can. The next five months are critical.

World leaders will hold two major UN summits, where momentous decisions on the climate and extinction crisis must be made. It could change everything — or nothing. It means we only have 150 days to shake our leaders into action, radically grow our team to overpower the fossil fuel army, supercharge massive marches, and get the world behind our courageous plan to save nature.

Earth can’t wait anymore. This is one of the most important times to be alive on this fragile planet, because it all hangs in the balance. We have to give it everything we’ve got, and just a small weekly donation from each of us will make an almighty difference. If you’ve ever thought of donating, do it now and let’s fight for the future of our world:


The UN Biodiversity Summit will happen in October, and aims to end the extinction crisis with bold new protections for nature. And then just a few weeks later, the global Climate Summit is our best chance to secure new commitments to avoid a climate catastrophe.

It will not be easy, but there is reason to hope.

Almost all the world’s biggest economies have now pledged to end carbon pollution by 2050 — and the pandemic has shown that bold, systemic changes can happen far quicker than anyone dreamed. Humanity is learning that everything on our beautiful planet is intimately connected.

But this is an emergency and pledges aren’t enough. We need real, decisive action — and that will take absolutely everything we’ve got over the next 5 months. Here’s the plan:

We’ll massively scale up our team of media and policy experts, researchers, and organisers to pressure governments to sign a bold new deal to save nature;

We’ll bring brave indigenous leaders to the summits, ensuring their urgent call to protect life-giving ecosystems is heard loud and clear;

We’ll publish bombshell reports and shine a glaring media spotlight on the shady lobbying tactics of the fossil fuel giants; and

We’ll help organise historic marches, ensuring our leaders know the world is watching.

The threats we face are no longer just serious; they are a matter of survival. We can’t miss this moment: Earth needs a powerful voice as leaders decide the future. A tiny regular donation will make an incredible difference to what we can do together — chip in now so we can be deafening:

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