David Shearer Writes

Labour Leader’s first column  for

Kāpiti Independent

The Labour Party Leader David Shearer, who has agreed to write a regular column for the Kāpiti Independent, says he’s helping to get signatures on a petition against asset sales.

He says the ‘race is on’ to collect signatures for a referendum.

Important step taken in battle against sales

By David Shearer

A very important step in the battle against asset sales was taken this week.

A petition for a citizens initiated referendum was formally launched and the race is now on to collect hundreds of thousands of signatures from Kiwis opposed to National’s asset sales agenda.

I’ve been out on the streets getting people to sign up in the hope that we can force this Government to accept that the overwhelming majority of New Zealanders are against the sale of our power companies and Air New Zealand.

National isn’t listening. Labour is. We want your voice on this very important issue to be heard. These strategic assets are vital to our future. They return hundreds of millions of dollars in dividends to our communities. They belong to us and we must retain them for the benefit of future generations.

I’m often asked what Labour would do to unwind the asset sales plan.The answer is pretty simple. Once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. It simply won’t be feasible to buy them back.

That’s why we’re working with the community-led campaign, Keep Our Assets, along with Grey Power and political parties to try and stop National. We hope New Zealanders will get behind the campaign.

It’s just one front in the battle to stop this Government selling off our country.

We’re also seeing more of our farmland disappear into the hands of foreign buyers, including the recent sale of the 16 Crafar farms to Shanghai Pengxin.

Labour is strongly opposed to the sale because there’s no evidence that it will benefit New Zealand. We can’t understand why the Government has worked so hard behind the scenes to make sure that the deal went through, despite the High Court ruling against it.

Our bottom line is that foreign investment in New Zealand is welcome but it must always be in our best interests. Our profits shouldn’t be drifting offshore to benefit someone else.

That’s why I’ve drafted a member’s bill to tighten the rules around the purchase of rural land by foreign buyers. It means that any foreign investor applying to buy more than 5 hectares of rural land will have to prove they’ll bring substantial and significant benefits to New Zealand in terms of jobs, new products or innovation that would otherwise not occur.

We are standing up for New Zealanders and making sure that we keep our land and our future in Kiwi hands.


Hi David
At the last election you and your team stood for compulsory Kiwisaver enrolment.
I know you are new to parliament, so maybe you missed the report by Parliamentary Support, released in October 2010. http://oilcrash.com/articles/wake_up2.htm I’m sure the author must have been given the sack, for writing something so close to reality.
The scary thing is the first reference was to the Hirsch Report released February 2005 by the United States Government http://oilcrash.com/articles/hirsch.htm .
One of the authors, Robert Hirsch said that to negate the affects of global peak oil on the economy (the thing Kiwisaver is dependent on) the world would have to go at WW2 industrial speed 10 years before we peaked @ a 3% decline
Last year the head of the of the Economic Analysis Division of the International Energy Agency (IEA) – Dr. Fatih Birol, stated on National Radio that “The world had peaked in crude oil extraction back in 2006”. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k22q5KZibtI&feature=plcp , it has also been stated by the IEA that we face a 9% decline, once we get off the ‘plateau’ we are on now
I can show you several references from your ministers, stating that the IEA are a reputable organisation, and as a contributor to the IEA the New Zealand government stands by them.
We have confirmation that peak oil has passed, we can look out the window to confirm nothing has been done about it. So clearly the future for Kiwisaver is bleak.
I would think if you gave this ‘question’ and the above information the consideration it most certainly deserves, it should take you about a month to understand our true situation. So please take your time to answer us, so you can give this your most sincere and informed answer.
Also you could read the book and watch the DVD Derek Wilson sent you last year, here is the book if you have misplaced it http://oilcrash.com/articles/wilson08.htm