David Scott Standing again for Kapiti Council

Former Kapiti Coast Councillor David Scott is standing again for a districtwide seat on the KCDC.

In June, he lost an appeal against conviction for indecent assault on a female council worker.

He was immediately removed from his council seat following his failed appeal.

Council chief executive Wayne Maxwell said: “He cannot carry out any further duties as a councillor,” he said.

“Any councillor convicted of a crime that carries a maximum penalty of two years or more imprisonment is disqualified from office. This applies to the charge Councillor David Scott has been convicted of.”

KIN understands that, under the candidate’s rulebook, a convicted person can stand again once they have fulfilled their punishment — in this case paid the fine.

After the Court of Appeal released its judgment, the 73-year-old said he would continue his fight to clear his name and would “never apologise” to anyone.

It is shocking that Hs is allowed to stand again. This is classic behaviour that once caught and convicted he feels a victim. He should not be able to stand again. The law needs to be looked at. We need to use our votes and say no.

This is the reeason why all ratepayers need to know a LOT about candidates, based on independent published factfinding.

Seriously…. this man was convicted of indecent assault. He shows no remorse just arrogance. Despite all his denials and the shocking way he continued to harrass his victim and her family, the fact remains that he was convicted. A jury obviously scrutinised the evidence and found him to be guilty. Why should he be permitted to stand again? My personal thoughts of course…


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