Creative Writing Challenge Winners

I’ll have grounds
More relative than this—the play’s the thing
Wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the King.

William Shakespeare Hamlet

Friends of the Libraries Competition 2017

The theme of The Friends of the Kapiti Coast District Libraries Literary Festival 2017 was The Play’s the Thing.

Participants in the competition had to write a short, dramatic monologue or dialogue in no more than 500 words. 

Kapiti Independent will publish the chosen winners over the next week or two.

However, to start with here’s an “also ran”: a light-hearted piece with a Kapiti flavour.

Piper’s Special Day

Jenny: Shoot Jude, I’m all ears!

Judy: Well, I had done all the shopping on Friday and the food preparation went pretty smoothly. Piper enjoyed helping and kept Rosy outside. The birthday cake was fiddly and took longer than expected, and it was after midnight before I got to bed.

Jenny: You would have been worn out.

Judy: Well, it had gone eight when I woke up to hear Piper shouting. Bob must have slipped out quietly to go to Parkrun.

Jenny: What was Piper on about?

Judy: She was yelling Mum!!! Rosy’s been in the pantry!  I shot out of bed, and when I got to the kitchen my worst fears were realised. What was left of the cake was on the floor, and the dog had obviously had a meal beyond its wildest dreams. She had even eaten the candles!

Jenny: So what next?

Judy: Piper was in tears, so I reassured her that we would get another cake and told her to go and tie the balloons to the letter box. Oscar was due at Mazengarb Park for soccer at ten and it was now close to nine.

Jenny: So off to The Windmill?

Judy: You got it. I piled the kids into the car and headed for Coastlands. As luck would have it, The Windmill  people had just made a cake and promised to turn it into a birthday one for Piper.  So we dropped Oscar off, and Piper and I headed home.  And …. guess what?

Jenny: The balloons?

Judy: All burst and dangling forlornly by the letter box. More tears.

Jenny: Who would do such a thing?

Judy: I reckon it was that pimply runt Ivan from down the road.

Jenny: Does this story get any better?

Judy: Not much Jen.

We got the table laid and set the food out. Piper was a great help: you’re not five every day.  We tied up Rosy, dashed up to The Windmill  and were back in plenty of time for the kids arriving about midday.

Jenny: All girls?

Judy: Except for one: Reuben. Samantha had invited Piper to his party, so I had to have him back. Reuben had three girls at his and he kept pulling their ponytails.

Jenny: He’s obviously got the John Key fetish.

Judy: Absolutely!  And he started doing it again during the feeding time!

You know Piper’s friend Lucy?

Jenny: The big girl who’s tough as nails?

Judy: That’s her. Well she said to Reuben: Do that again and I’ll smack you one!  Reuben couldn’t resist, so Lucy belted him on the nose! And then someone behind Reuben pushed his face in the jelly. He screamed and ran off home.

Jenny: I’ll bet you had an interesting conversation with Samantha later!  Anyway, keep going!

Judy: Well, after the girls had had enough to eat, Bob and Oscar organised some games on the back lawn.

Jenny: So you could at last have a break and relax?

Judy: Nope. That’s when the fire started ...