Cr Scott Speaks Out

Cr David Scott

KCDC’s ‘Bureaucratic Elite’ upset by his voting, claims Councillor

Chief Executive, Pat Dougherty — his rise was opposed by Cr Scott

Kapiti Coast Councillor David Scott has spoken out against the Council establishment following the controversy over allegations against him by a female Council officer.

In an exclusive statement to KIN, Cr Scott says: “In recent weeks, I have voted against the 5.9% rates increase. I have voted against the CEO (Pat Dougherty) getting another large wage rise.

“I also object to the multi-million spending planned for Rimu Rd., Kapiti Lights and Mahara Place.

“These I promised in the election. They have annoyed the bureaucrat elite of KCDC.”

Details of complaint

Cr Scott then  goes on to deal with details of the complaint laid against him. (This was featured in a front-page story in the Dompost on April 25. See our story of April  26 )

The paper said then: “A Kapiti Coast District councillor is understood to have been stripped of some powers and is under police investigation after being accused of grabbing a council staffer and pressing himself

Mayor K Gurunathan — what, if anything, did he see?

against her in front of the local mayor.” (Mr K Gurunathan).

However, Cr Scott says in his statement to KIN : “The …… involved with this development and spending was the complainant on 13th April.

“I was shocked five days later, to be told by the CEO and Mayor, that she had complained to the Wellington police about me.

“The Mayor claimed in the newspaper article, that there was a police investigation.

“This was in the national newspapers and on Beach FM on 27 April. In fact the police made it clear they will not comment on these claims.

“I thank all those who have seen through this unjustified attack on me.  Now in my 70’s I have had a lifetime of assisting those who need help.”