Cr Scott Back in Council

Cr David Scott

Cr Scott takes full part in his 1st KCDC meeting for three months

By KIN Local Govt. reporter Jeremy Smith

KCDC councillor David Scott facing a High Court trial for indecent assault, resumed formal council duties when he returned to the council meeting room yesterday for the first time since May.

Scott, 71, has pleaded not guilty to the charge which involves a female staff member.

Initially his bail prohibited him from going into the council building. But new conditions now allow him to arrive a short time before the meeting and leave within fifteen minutes after it finishes.

On Thursday Scott, who arrived with friends, was at the KCDC meeting and participated fully in proceedings.

The female staffer at the centre of the allegations was not in the room.

Abstention on Reikorangi issue

However,  he abstained when councillors voted to allow The Golden  Coast Western Riding Club to lease land at the Reikorangi Reserve.

Some conditions of the  proposed lease were strongly opposed by a group of Reikorangi residents.

Scott asked for his abstention to be noted: he said he had not been able to attend pre-meeting briefings on the lease proposal.

Scott will be back in court in September for a pre-trial call-over. He has elected trial by jury.