Cr Elliott Opines Library Book Cuts Are Doing Us All A Favour

Kapiti Cr Jackie Elliott has told the public they should listen to audio recordings of a Council committee so they can be well-informed, as she is, on savage cuts in the Libraries book budget.

She claims she is now in possession of ‘the facts’ — and seems to be suggesting the Kapiti libraries are vastly over-supplied with books.

In our Comments section, she says: ‘I would encourage you to get a copy of the audio recordings of last Thursday’s Operations and Finance meeting at Council.

Although I was unable to get the issue on this agenda or the previous weeks council meeting as the Chairs did not accept it, I took steps to ensure there was a robust discussion and a request made by the Mayor to the C.E. to explain if the budget cut would be made elsewhere.

‘Anyone protesting should listen to this to at least hear the facts and be well informed.’
Cr Elliott’s summary

Ms Elliott continues:

‘Here is a summary –
‘$211k worth of new materials incl books will be purchased in this financial year and $211 (approx 17,000 books) won’t be.

‘But over next year a large portion of this year’s order will arrive, it is not here yet.

‘Most will not be able to fit on our shelves (Staff are yet to confirm how many metres of permanent book shelving was lost when the 2 storey Waikanae Library was closed) and will go packed into atmospherically controlled storage where 20,000 books (a glut in purchased stock) currently sits unpacked.

‘So the public will still be supplied the same amount this year, staff can just open some of the pallets of boxes in storage, stack them to the roof and council will have less storage space to pay for.’

Whether what this lady states is truth or fiction you have to remember that she used the ratepayers wrath over waters meters to claim her seat. Has she been any use to us since then? We’ll leave that to ratepayers to decide. She is however rather brave to come on here and defend the indefensible on behalf of all the other Councillors and the mayor who seem absent by their silence. Our problem goes way beyond mere books. There is and has never been any accountability from Rimu Road. If you the ratepayers are alright with this situation then you know who to vote for two months hence.


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