Covid — My Thanks To Kiwis In The Health System

Thank you Sia in the Covid vaccinatiion team for your good humour, patience and efficiency.

As an 85-year-old, I’ve just got my bookings through the government’s accelerated jab system.

Sia organised this — and, hey, I can’t fault her or anyone in the health team.

Working under great pressure, they manage to be organised, efficient…and friendly.

Thank God we live in Aotearoa. We need to remember, too, that all this is done at no cost to us personally

I waited just seven or eight minutes on the helpline, then got my bookings for two jabs from ‘Sia,’ another Kiwi of Samoan descent doing a bloody good job.

And, quite frankly, I feel looked after, and personally cared for, in our health system.

So Chris Bishop, I do remember what it was like under the profit-orientated National so-called health reforms.

Hi Alan. Good one we got ours today such a friendly kind attitude in Te Roto drive. Thanks everyone. Blessings.


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