Councillor Condemns Kāpiti Mayor for ‘Gutlessness’ on Housing

Kapiti Districtwide Cr Jackie Elliott — the only councillor to speak out against selling social housing

Kāpiti Districtwide Councillor Jackie Elliott has become the first councillor to condemn the sale of a council house, and the potential eviction of a large Maori family with a special needs child.

In a special report for KIN, she condemns what she calls Mayor K Gurunathan’s ‘gutless, weak and ineffective’ response on housing.

She says: ‘KCDC Mayor and Councillors have remained unresponsive to attempts by myself to reconsider the 6th December 2018 decision to dispose of two council-owned houses.

One at Paekakarki, that a housing trust intended to purchase; and a second in Paraparaumu housing a family with four children.

Cr Elliott says,” I am very disappointed that not one councillor has even replied to my request for support, first made last Thursday evening.

‘The Mayor has made a big deal in the media, about his proposal to delay the sale of the Ngahina Street property until the family are relocated, but it is a gutless, weak and ineffective response to the opportunity has in his hands to stop the sale altogether.’

There are provisions in standing orders that enable either the Mayor, as Chair, or any four members of council to bring the report paper CS-18-671 to dispose of the properties back for complete reconsideration, given the lack of full and adequate information in the paper for us to even be  aware of the consequences of the decision to sell.

Cr Elliott says “Even though I did not vote in support of the disposal, it is important that we use every avenue available to us, to reconsider the dumping of these properties, and how we set precedent for the next 13 publicly-owned homes that KCDC are considering selling to repay debt.”

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