Councillor Bernie’s Backyard Blog Sets Cricketing Record For Slow Delivery

The Editor welcomes Councillor Bernie Randall’s new blog, which sets a record only the KCDC cricketing bureaucrats could emulate.

Three years ago we asked cricket afficianado Bernie to write a regular blog.

And..hey presto…or slowso… here it is. The cricketing authorities have been warned.

Read on:

Cr Bernie’s week

Cr Bernie says: “Last Sunday I attended the Raumati South Residents Association AGM. Chair Clare Hynd was assisted by Guy Burns (Paraparaumu/Raumati Community Board Deputy Chair).

It was a lively and well attended meeting. A credit to the community.

Raumati South residents get together

And this weekend the Association is hosting, The Raumati South Garden Trail. All the gardens are high-quality working gardens.

Meanwhile, Bede Laracy, a Raumati South resident, has been heartened by the news Council has agreed to a separate community board for Raumati.

Partially-sighted pedestrian knocked down on Renown

On Monday, a resident contacted me about a partially-sighted pedestrian knocked down by a vehicle in Renown Rd.

There’s no footpath in the street and pedestrians are forced to use the road. I’ve written to Council asking them to consider a footpath in view of their policy of one footpath in each street.

Meanwhile, a residents in Manly St, Paraparaumu Beach, phoned to complain about the removal of the ‘park with disability permit’ words from a new sign Council have erected at the North Manly St boat launch site.

I’ve written to Council to request the words be reinstated.”

And…around the Council table

Cr Bernie says: ‘I must add that around the Council table recently, I’ve been most impressed with speeches from Councillors Compton and Handford.’

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