‘Council Must Make streets Safer’

Paraparaumu/Raumati Community Board member Bernie Randall says the Kapiti Mayor and Councillors who stopped funding community safety groups have put the community at risk.

He commends Councillor Jackie Elliott for saying it was a grave mistake.

He says Neighbourhood Watch, ‘the daytime eyes on the community’, and Community Patrol, the community night patrol, were denied KCDC funding, as well as the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Mr Randall says this was a decision the Mayor and Councillors enthusiastically made in June.

Napier City with a similar population provides far greater support for their community safety groups, he says.

Mr Randall says: ‘The withdrawal of KCDC funding for these groups is an abdication of Council’s responsibility and has led directly to the Kapiti Neighbourhood support being managed remotely in Porirua.

”This is to the detriment of the whole Kapiti community.

‘It’s simply not good enough.’

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