Council Approves Gateway to Kāpiti Island


The KCDC says the plan for a Kāpiti Gateway Building has passed a key test with the Council agreeing to apply to the Provincial Growth Fund for 50% of the $4.46 million cost.

‘Major boost’ for the economy — Guru

Kāpiti Mayor K Gurunathan says if the Council’s Provincial Growth Fund application is successful the project will be a major boost for the Kāpiti Coast economy.

The decision was made yesterday at a KCDC meeting.

The Mayor says: “This was a challenging decision and not one that my fellow councillors have taken lightly.

“We’ve had to weigh up the Paraparaumu Beach community’s reaction to progressing this project at this time with the need to tell our local stories and invest in our district’s future.

“Councillors have directed staff to provide further opportunities for the community to get involved in this project.

Robust business case’ needed

“We have also made it clear that the decision to proceed to detailed design is subject to a robust business case being received,” says the Mayor.   

The estimated $4.46 million project budget includes the proposed 235m² single-storey multi-purpose gateway building with a large expansive deck (450m²) for visitor and community use.

In addition, there will be improvements to the Tikotu Stream and parking area, a new bridge over the Tikotu Stream, landscaping, and interpretative story telling including Pou.

$1 million contingency fund

The budget also includes a $1 million contingency fund (35 per cent).

Councillor Angela Buswell says that while this project will require a sizable investment from Council, it’s important for all residents that the Council enhances the ecology of the area and promotes local tourism.

Cr Buswell, who is holds the  business and jobs portfolio, says:

“If we don’t do this now we are unlikely to see an opportunity like this come our way again any time soon.

‘On the table for 28 years’

Mayor  Gurunathan says: “The project has been on the table for 28 years and, while there’s a lot more detail to be worked through, if we are successful in getting the funding  I’m confident Kāpiti won’t look back.”

The Council expects to submit its funding application within the next few weeks. If successful, construction could start within six months of funding being approved.


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