250g pasta

200g broccoli cut into florets

400g can of chopped tomatoes


25g margarine

3tbs flour

1cup milk

1tbs basil pesto

1 cup grated cheese

half tsp salt

Pepper to taste

Qtr  cup pumpkin seeds


Boil large pan of water and add pasta.

When the pasta is almost cooked add broccoli florets

Cook for further 2 mins

Drain the pasta mix and place in lightly oiled casserole dish


Drain tomatoes and reserve juice

Add tomatoes to pasta mix

Melt butter in pan and stir in flour

Cook, stirring, for approx. 1 minute

Add half a cup of milk

Stir until sauce thickens and boils

Add remaining milk and tomato juice

Stir until thick and boiling.

Remove from heat.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Stir in pesto and grated cheese until cheese has melted


Pour sauce over pasta and vegetables.

Stir to combine

Sprinkle with pumpkin seeds


Bake at 225c for 15mins or until top has browned.


Serve with salad and crusty wholemeal bread


Serves 4


(courtesy Alison & Richard Holst, Very Easy Vegetarian Cookbook)


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