Bereavement Weather

By Gill Ward (for Jacq)


on the drive in

there was the

comfort of hills,

a watery sun and

a momentary rainbow.

But it was cold.

I could not do

you the courtesy

of feeling the way

you would wish.


I had chosen not

to believe that

time and tide

wait for no-one.

I had chosen

to dismiss the signs,

the signposts on

the way to your leaving.

Not to ignore completely

the way they pointed,

only the miles left to go.

In spite of the clutching arms

the quiet words

the closeness of grief

it was desolate

a bleak time

I was bereft.


this morning

when I walked out

the first day you had gone

I knew you were still

gently with me.

I looked upwards

and you were

a soft rain falling.

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3rd August 2009