Kath Irvine

August in the Organic Food Garden

By Kath Irvine

Can you feel you garden gearing up for spring? Do you feel a bubble of excitement as you wander through your food garden?  I certainly do! The calendulas are so vibrant right now, their energy uplifting – sprinkle some petals in your salads or ice to capture some of their good vibe.

Planting out

  • Jerusalem artichoke,  asparagus crowns, horseradish roots, onions

Seed Sowing

In trays: spring broccoli, onions, salads,

Direct sow: peas, broadbeans, parsley, coriander, radish, beetroot, alyssum, carrots

Other tasks

  • put your cloches up to get your soil warmed up
  • make liquid feed
  • get everything mulched
  • divide and replant herbs
  • get lots of spring flowers in
  • chop down your green crops once the soil dries out and is ok to work in
  • get all your beds ready, don’t wait till September!
  • liquid feed onions and garlic
  • clean out your greenhouse ready for planting out your early crops.

Orchard Care:

Check all your ties and stakes to make sure your trees are not being strangled. or that the branches aren’t rubbing on stakes. This is very important for the health of your trees. It’s also a good chance to wander in your orchard and check in on the overall health of your trees.

Feed up your rhubarb and strawberries. Here’s my rhubarb happy from its regular doses of pig manure!

Keep a sharp eye on your peaches and nectarines as they gear up for budding. We had such a bad season for leaf curl with all that rain last year that we’ll all be needing to copper spray at bud break and again in a fortnight – this timing is the only one that actually makes a difference! There is such a small window of opportunity when it happens, so keep observing and be ready with your spray.

Get all your trees composted, add rock dust and mulch them before the spring weeds start growing.

If you haven’t finished pruning your pipfruit then make it priority this week!