Appearance Medicine Providers

by Paula Burkett
December 2011
Aphrodite- Goddess of Beauty

This month’s column is a topic I have covered previously.   It is ` Appearance Medicine` practice which is largely unregulated -and as consumers we can be naive in our expectations.

There are more and more appearance medicine providers in New Zealand- click here to continue. And in our local area procedures such as wrinkle treatments, lip augmentation, and non- surgical face-lifting are becoming commonplace.  The costs involved for these treatments are at the higher end of the beauty treatment scale, so a good outcome should be the desired result, – unfortunately this is not always the case.

With the rise in Mobile Operators, it is now important to weigh the benefits of selecting a fixed clinic as opposed to a clinic that provides a mobile operator.  Mobile operators often cover large areas of the country and are not always available on a day-to- day basis. They generally work on a fortnightly or monthly rotation.

What should you be looking for when selecting a Provider?

Always ask to see a Certificate of Training. Having an association with the New Zealand College of Appearance Medicine (NZCAM) is preferable. Check your provider’s locality and see whether they are mobile or fixed as this will affect their availability for follow- up treatment.

You should ask for, and receive, a thorough consultation where the procedure and expected results are fully explained and documented.

You should expect to sign the consultation form prior to treatment, after everything has fully explained to you.

If you feel confused by any medical terms, ask for a clear explanation and have this recorded on your consultation form.

Do not use a provider unless you feel thoroughly satisfied with the way things have been explained to you.

A good provider will take `before and after `treatment photos. The `before` pictures should be attached to your notes when you go back for your follow- up appointment,  which will generally be two weeks later. This is when the `after` pictures should be taken.  Always attend your follow up appointment even if you feel you don’t require one.

The Botox/Dysport commonly used for wrinkle treatments comes in reconstituted form and is diluted with saline for use.

It has a limited lifespan after dilution from its reconstituted form. A good provider will have either dated the box, or will have a record on hand showing when the vial was opened for dilution.

Injectable fillers used for treatments such as lip augmentation, non surgical rhinoplasty, etc., come pre-packaged in a syringe that should be sealed in a box and untampered with prior to use.

If you have any adverse side effects, or are unhappy with the results of your treatment, contact your provider immediately as it is important any reaction is dealt with promptly. If you are still not happy with the outcome, ask to speak to the Provider’s Employer.

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