Community Board Acts to Protect Raumati Kids from Traffic

Hundreds of children going to schools and pre-schools in Raumati Village will soon get better protection from dense traffic flows.

Cr Bernie Randall, Chair of the Road Safety Group and Community Board member, says he’s pleased the Board has got the Kapiti Coast Council to make plans for major road safety upgrades.

The dangerous intersection at Raumati Beach, showing a pedestrian crossing which needs raising

Randall and Deputy Board Chair Guy Burns say the Board’s lobbying has finally brought results.

The shopping area is used by more than 2000 young people each day during term time..

At a briefing to a Community Board meeting by Sean Mallon’s team, major improvements for Raumati Beach’s intersections and pedestrian crossings were outlined.

Raised road surfaces to cut speeds

These include raised sections of road and also raised pedestrian crossings to reduce traffic speeds.

Also in the pipeline is a roundabout at the T-junction of Raumati Rd, Matatua Rd and Rosetta Rd (this will occur in 2021/2022).

Large number of public attended

A large group of Raumati residents attended the Community Board meeting.

Many in the group insisted that Council urgently bring forward the roading work; especially the pedestrian crossing improvements on Raumati Road.

Speakers also expressed concern about the recent positioning of 30km signs on Rosetta Road.

They said they wanted the signs moved further south to the end of the Rosetta Road straight, south of Allen Road.

Speakers suggested the charging bays for electric cars in the car park should be moved to the back of the area. And it was suggested the Council should paint a yellow centre line on Garden Road.

Council has agreed to consult on the changes, and in particular listen to the Raumati Village community, regarding the proposed changes.

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