Columnist with Mojo

Ms Mathers joins Kāpiti Independent

We’re proud to announce that New Zealand’s first deaf MP, Mojo Mathers, has joined the Kāpiti Independent as a monthly columnist.

Mojo Mathers was born in London in 1966 and her parents named her after the Muddy Waters song ‘Got My Mojo Working.’

Because of a difficult birth, oxygen was cut off to her brain, rendering her profoundly deaf.

She is not, however, mute, and is a lipreader. She only began to make significant use of sign language inthe late 2000’s (saying she had “found it very useful for some situations”), preferring to lip-read and communicate orally before that.

Her first weeks in Parliament were marred by Speaker Lockwood Smith’s ruling that the Green Party had to pay electronic aids to enable her to follow debates, rather than Parliamentary Services.

Now though it’s been reported that this situation may soon change. Her first column will appear soon …


Mojo you come across as an honest nice person, so in your honest opinion can a saving scheme like Kiwi Saver, which is based on turning what is left of the planet into a toxic waste land.
As you must know Kiwi Saver is based on growth, and you can not have growth without more of everything …. from inputs like a growing supply of energy (mainly oil) to resources like rare earths (which China owns most of) to copper, and even top soil, both of which peaked years ago.
We are also passed peak fish and peak clean water.
Promoting Kiwi Saver = the Express-way = Transmission Gully = more subdivisions built on top of food producing land,= another 4 million+ people living in NZ
I know the Greens will say they promote ‘smart’ growth or ‘green’ growth, this is still growth on a ravaged over populated planet.
There are over 30,000 children dying every day now from preventable causes, like drinking polluted water, and something like 8,000,000 people going to bed tonight hungry.
Did you know there are enough over built bedrooms in China to sleep 180 million people, all they lack are about 180 coal fuelled power stations to run their electric blankets, heat pumps, and everything else a growth based society economy needs.
I am a 4th form drop out, so maybe I have it all wrong???
If you have a spare 34 minutes please watch this You Tube skit
It goes a long way to explain our current situation, and what growth is.
After watching this skit, please explain what I have got wrong.
I will post you a copy C/o parliament. There are lots of pictures so I’m sure you will ‘get it’