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Valhalla in Raumati South gets good mark(s) but needs ‘nibbly’

By the Luwak

This month I thought I’d check out Valhalla Café in Raumati South.

It’s a cosy little café which is great for a cold day and it also has a pleasant outdoor area for sunny days. We ordered three large coffees and a piece of chocolate caramel slice.

I am pleased that I remembered to order large as quite often I forget and end up with the regular size which doesn’t quite hit the spot for me.

It all came to $21, which on reflection is a bit overpriced. $5 each for the coffees and $6 for the slice I’m guessing. (The board only showed the price for regular coffees).

I have been noticing a bit of a variation in coffee prices lately. Edies Tea Shop is one of the cheapest at $4 per large coffee (and is an above average coffee to boot).

Anyway the coffees duly arrived one at a time (I guess some baristas can make 2 coffees at once and others can’t).

They were nice and hot with a good creamy froth. A tad bitter but overall pleasant. However we noted that there was no “little nibbly” on the side which seems to be a thing of the past in many cafes (remember the chocolate coated coffee bean) but is always a nice touch.

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