Coastal Saga Ends

coastal hazardsKCDC ditching unpopular coastal hazard lines

By Alan Tristram

The  Kapiti Coast district Council is finally throwing out its controversial, and unpopular coastal hazard lines.

The lines were summarily imposed under the previous Council led by Jenny Rowan.

It was a highly unpopular, and poorly thought-out policy, and probably contributed hugely to Ms Rowan’s subsequent defeat in last year’s election.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere was a public outcry earlier in 2013 when the council announced new 50 and 100-year predicted shorelines and placed them on LIMs. Property owners feared their valuations and insurance were affected.

Coastal Ratepayers United led the battle against the hazard lines and chairman Christopher Ruthe said: ” We consider there is no scientific basis for any information to be on LIMs as there is no agreement amongst experts as to what it a hazard.”

The council then brought world-renowned coastal experts to Kapiti to review the science it had been relying on, prepared by Coastal Systems, known as the Shand report.

And last December the KCDC removed the controversial 50 and 100-year hazard lines from the LIM reports of about 1800 properties.

Final stages of withdrawal

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe KCDC now says: “The withdrawal of contentious coastal hazard provisions from the Proposed District Plan (PDP) is expected to move towards its final stages on Thursday (October 2).”

“Council’s Regulatory Management Committee (RMC) will be briefed on arrangements to withdraw provisions relating to not just coastal hazards but also to hazardous substances and facilities and priority areas for restoration.”

It says a large proportion of the submissions to the PDP were on these three topics, particularly the Coastal Hazard Management Areas.

A Coastal Advisory Group of community members and stakeholders (CAG) is being formed to discuss future coastal hazard management options for the district, the KCDC says.

“Following the CAG process, any new coastal hazard provisions within the District Plan will be open to a new round of public consultation and formal submissions,” it says.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“The RMC will also be briefed on work staff have done to create an amended list identifying rules contained in the PDP which have immediate legal effect, which mainly protect heritage sites, areas of significant native bush and the habitats of native animals and birdlife.”

“The changes follow the Council’s decision in July to adopt Option 4 of those recommended by the Independent Review of the PDP. Staff have now analysed the PDP and identified all related objectives, policies, rules and map layers for withdrawal.”

If anyone would like further information, they can email or phone Council on (04) 296 4700 or 0800 486 486.

( For an article on the recent history of coastal erosion and protection on the Kapiti Coast, SEARCH Kapiti Coastal Hazards: The Reality)