Circa’s NZ Premiere of ‘The Children’

The acclaimed British play ‘The Children’ will have its premiere this Saturday at Circa in Wellington.

And KIN readers will read about it first in Ralph Mcallister’s opening-night review .

A worldwide hit

The Children has been an enormous hit worldwide. Playwright Lucy Kirkwood, one of the world’s most exciting young playwrights, offers this beautifully written play which tackles timely themes.


Three of New Zealand’s top actors  — Catherine Downes (Switzerland, Joyful and Triumphant), Carmel McGlone (Escaped Alone, Three Days in the Country) and Peter Hambleton (Three Days in the Country, The Hobbit) — star in this drama that balances the realities of our times with intrigue and humour.

The world is in chaos.

Two nuclear physicists, Hazel and Robin, are trying to go about their life of yoga and farming as though nothing has changed.

But everything shifts when an old friend, Rose, knocks on their door. Something doesn’t feel right… the fallout will be unpredictable.

The Children introduces us to this trio of characters in a witty and touching story that rumbles with big questions about how we live.

What responsibility do we have for this planet? What do we want to leave behind for our children?

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