Our Xmas Quiz — Why Will History Recall Thatcher and Ardern For The Same Thing ?

In the first question of our Christmas/New Year Quiz, we ask: “What do Margaret Thatcher and Jacinda Ardern have in common?

TIME COVER PICTURE of Margaret Thatcher

Now Margaret Thatcher was the first woman Prime Minister of the UK.

As Conservativer leader, she served as PM from 1979 to 1990.

She was a rightwing, ‘take no prisoners’ hardliner, christened ‘The Iron Lady’ by the Russians.

And she took many harsh measures as part of her plans for the economy

Accordingly, she became unpopular by abolishing subsidies for the poor, includingh the free milk supplies for children. This earned her the nickname ‘Margaret Thatcher, ‘Milk Snatcher’.

And in the Left corner

In contrast, Jacinda Ardern is renowned for her injunction to Kiwis to ‘Be Kind.’

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern

After returning to NZ from working in politics in the UK, the 28-year-old entered Parliament on Labour’s ‘List’ at the 2008 election.

She had been picked as a ‘rising star;’ but began 2017 as a list MP with Labour languishing in the polls.

In February, 201`7, she won a by-election in the electorate seat of Mt Albert and in March became Labour’s deputy leader.

Then on 1 August, less than eight weeks before election day, she succeeded Andrew Little as leader.

In thqt year’s General Election, Ardern lifted Labour to a creditable 36.9% of the vote.

Then, with NZ First, she formed a coalition, which could also count on the Greens’ support. With 63 seats between them, this installed Ardern as Aotearoa’s 40th PM.

In October 2020, Ardern led the Labour Party to victory gaining 50% of the vote – the first time any party has achieved this since 1951 – and 65 out of 120 seats in Parliament.

But, back to the main Question

What do these tso very different women have in common+

Hint: It’s something very important.

Answerr: In tomorrow’s edition of KIN.

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