Children’s Lives At Risk In Raumati Traffic

The Kapiti and Coast Independent says a child could be killed on dangerous roads at Raumati Beach unless the Kapiti Coast Council takes action now to make them safe.

Appeal for action

It’s appealing to the KCDC, to Mayor K Gurunathan and to the Chief Executive Wayne Maxwell to:

  • Install speed bumps at Raumati Beach
  • Enforce the new 30k speed limit
  • Change the pedestrian crossing at the corner of Raumati and Margaret Road (this should also be ‘raised’ to make it safer)
  • Ensure the Police step in to patrol the area when children are entering and leaving schools

This follows the national furore following Coroner Tim Scott’s ruling on the death of 67-year-old Carla Neems in Gisborne two years ago.

The Coroner says children of Carla’s age should be accompanied by an adult then going to school.

Carla Neems

Hundreds of children unaccompanied

But the Independent points out that hundreds of Raumati children go to and from school on their own each day.

We say it’s up to the Police, the Kapiti Coast District Council, and the local Community Board to make children safe.

Where are our police when Raumati children go to school?

Urgent questions for KCDC

The paper has written to KCDC Infrastructure Manager Sean Mallon saying this:

We realise you (the KCDC) have now got speed limits of 30k.
But can you tell us:
1. What measures will be put in place to ensure drivers stick to these new limits.
2. When will the Council install speed bumps (which have worked so well in other areas with a lot of children and elderly persons)?
3. Will Council put in measures to increase safety at the pedestrian crossing from the pub area to the Four Square shop at the intersection of Raumati and Margaret Roads?
4. Is the Council working closely with the Police to ensure children’s safety in this area?

It’s the Kapiti Independent’s view — and our own view as locals — that road safety measures must be put in place now to save children’s lives.

Why upon entering the village (from the east) does the light up sign say 50 and then within meters it drops to 30. What is the point of this? Why not remove the flashing sign, and like Reg says start the 30 zone a few meters back at the school?! Also the flashing advertising sign is distracting to motorists right as they enter a school zone (the last place you need distractions I would have thought?).
Good luck getting anywhere with kcdc planners and traffic management – it’s like dealing with the inept “computer says no” lady.

Thanks Ralph

We plan to do everything we can to change the traffic mess in Raumati.

Children’s lives (and other lives too) are at risk.

We must get action from the KCDC.

Alan Tristram, Editor

I agree with Reg Goston’s query regarding the recent addition of a 30kph zone on Raumati Road. Why would you invite motorists to INCREASE speed approaching a school? Please don’t say that motorists should decrease speed automatically – you have just indicated an increase in speed!

Why does the 30km/hr zone stop by the mower shop as you leave the shopping area. Surely it should continue at least as far as the pedestrian crossing outside the primary school.


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