Canada Geese Invade — Locals Call For Action To Cull Big Birds

Jeremy Smith reports many locals worried about the filth and disruption caused by invading Canada geese want the Kāpiti Council to spend serious money now to get rid of them.

Paraparaumu Canada geese campaigner Geoff Amos is keeping up the pressure for proper control of the big birds at Awatea lagoon.

Apart from the normal pests that pest control toronto control, he’s asking the KCDC to declare the birds a pest and to ‘up the spend’ from the Pest Investigation and Control budget above the $20.000 set aside in the budget.

Mr Amos also wants a council risk management plan with money set aside to deal with legal challenges.

‘Get a move on’

And specifically his message is-  get a move on to reduce the numbers.

When KIN visited the Awatea lagoon on a cold July day Mr Amos and fellow radio-controlled  yachties were pursuing their competitions.

Cropping and dropping
Around  the edge a number of the geese were cropping the grass and leaving their droppings on the paths.

On the next lagoon a flock (gaggle?) of about 50 birds were swimming around.

Amos says he’s concerned the birds are even at the lagoon in the middle of winter.
He thinks the laying of the Flockoff  bird repellent at Otaraua is making them change their paths, as evidence by v-shaped flights over his house.

What he wants is regular culling as done in Palmerston North’s lagoon.

He says the high rate of breeding suggests the bird numbers could be up to a thousand by  Christmas.

His list of geese problems includes an adult who was knocked down and he fears it’s only a matter of time before something worse happens.

KIN’s walk round at the lagoon suggests all the locals want something done soon.

Several pointed out that the formerly abundant native birds, including nine native duck species including the Whio or blue duck and the scaup, are under  pressure.

Great article Jeremy. Last Friday the Paraparaumu/Raumati Community Board met with Geoff Amos to discuss the problem that the Canada geese are causing. We decided to take some steps under the leadership of the Board’s Chair Kathy Spiers. I canvassed the neighbourhood like you and reached a similar conclusion. I have also made direct representations to the Chair of GWRC but to no avail. He did send me a recipe for cooking Canada geese though!


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