Calligraphy Exhibition Continues

Perfection the Joy – a collaboration

By Pam Kessler

Barbara Field and Michelle Mainwaring worked together to create the stunning piece featured below.

Acrylics, PVA glue and a variety of other mediums were applied to an 8×8 canvas.

I also heard a blow torch was somehow employed in the process – but that may have been just idle gossip!

Michelle is a Graphic Designer and Barbara an Interior Designer, and both artists define themselves as painters and ‘beginner’ calligraphers.


Asking the tough questions

Perfecting the Joy – a collaboration, by Barbara Field and Michelle Mainwaring

In their words, they ask the questions:

  • Can joy and perfection share the same space?
  • Do we take time to just enjoy what we do or does striving for perfection take over and we forget to breathe, forget to relax and enjoy the creative journey?
  • Are perfectionists ever happy with their work and can they accept a compliment graciously without saying it isn’t quite right … it could have been better … it isn’t quite perfect?”

Another week for the exhibition

By Don Little

This art work can be found in the Calligraphers of Kapiti exhibition, presently on display in the Art Space, Paraparaumu Library.

The exhibition runs until 3pm Friday 8 December.

For those looking for beautiful, hand-made calligraphy cards and small gifts for Christmas giving, these are available from the sales table in the Art Space from 11.30 to 3.30 pm daily.