Call For Independent Review Of KCDC

The Waikanae Library before it closed

Kāpiti Mayoral candidate Gwynn Compton wants an independent review of Kāpiti Coast District Council’s asset management following the news there were 16 years’ of issues with the Waikanae Library.

No alarm bells

He says these didn’t sound any alarm bells before toxic mould was discovered last November forcing the library to close.

“The fact it still took four months of staff complaining about asthma-like symptoms, on top of 16 years of issues with the Library building, for Council to finally act raises serious concerns about the processes Kāpiti Coast District Council has in place for managing their assets,” says Mr Compton.

Gwynn Compton

“Given this occurred over such a long period of time, and the cost of fixing the library has ballooned up to $2 million as a result of the failure to detect these major issues earlier, it’s difficult for the community to have confidence that Council is adequately equipped to investigate themselves over this.

“An independent review is needed to take an impartial look at what’s gone wrong and recommend changes to improve how Council operates.”

Changes needed, says Mr Compton

Gwynn Compton is also advocating that any review needs to cover off both Kāpiti Coast District Council’s asset management practices and look into why staff complaints about potential health issues caused by the toxic mould that was eventually discovered weren’t investigated sooner.

“Council staff deserve to work in a safe environment and based on what we’ve seen publicly it’s worrying that their concerns weren’t taken seriously sooner.

“That 27,000 books also need to be decontaminated also raises the question about whether any members of the public who used the library have been potentially exposed to toxic mould spores.”

Operational matter Ms Holborow? Were you not present at the two reviews, one external and one internal last trieniumm. Both instigated by the councilors of Kapiti, With both scope and terms of reference debated and formalised boy us, for the sake of transparency and both made public because of us. The council must be very very pleased they voted you in to represent them.

The review is an operational matter. councillor Elliott is completely outside her governance role expecting to be involved. Once the review is complete we’ll have a chance to see the results. I trust that it willl be robust and professional.

Also this is another example of a one sided, unbalanced article.

As a follow up to this story, As a councilor, I sent an email on Sunday the 3rd of March containing a number of questions (as above) regarding an internal or external review to both the C.E. Wayne Maxwell and Mayor K. Gurunathan. Neither of them replied or acknowledged my email.

I sent a further email to them both on Thursday the 7th of March, as at today Monday 11th of March, I have still had no reply from either of them and certainly no answers to some rather urgent questions.

This morning I sent my questions to them under the Official information act. I will have to wait for up to 28 days for their response.

It is near to impossible for any elected member to represent the public under these circumstances. This is my 3rd OIA request this month for basic operational information. KCDC Districtwide Cr Jackie Elliott

Cr Jackie Elliott says
Waikanae Community Board members have been told an external review is underway
Given councilors were not given an opportunity to discuss the terms of reference I have asked the C.E,. to confirm them.
I have also asked
Who set the terms of reference ?
Who approved the external review, if it was not councilors ?
Who will be selecting the external reviewer/ and is this appointment made ?
Will the resulting report be made public ?
i am asking these questions as until I hear otherwise from the C.E, I do not believe a review is underway, and I think the Community Board have been told this to stop them requesting a review.
Cr Jackie Elliott


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