Burmese Master Carver

Bethlehem, Bodhi and Buddha

Christmas at Bodhi Vincent’s art studio in Raumati South has moved a long way from Bethlehem and traditional themes.

Bodhi has been working with a Burmese freedom fighter called Tim Aung on a wood sculpture of Buddha.

Tim , a refugee from Myamar (formerly Burma), hopes to sell more of his woodcarvings to Kiwis to help support himself.

He has worked as a carver for 20 years, spending the first two years working with a master carver in Myanmar.

He then worked for a further eight years carving in Myanmar before having to flee the country’s dictatorial regime, which regarded him as a political activist.

His crime? — advocating for democracy.

But this meant it was unsafe for him and his family to remain in Myanmar.

So he moved to Thailand and worked there for 10 years as a carver.

And, after gaining formal refugee status, he was accepted into New Zealand, where he’s been living for the past  six months.If you are interested in Tim Aung’s work, you can get more information from Bodhi Vincent on 902 4590 or (027) 614 1911.