Book Of The Day By ZZ Packer

Sometimes you read the best books by happenstance — and that’s how I discovered ZZ Packer.

She describes with an acid pen the perils and pitfalls of life as a woman of colour in the United States.

I would not like to be her enemy.

In ‘Drinking Coffee Elewhere’, which I bought secondhand, she describes her life at university, working at a grotty job in the students’ cafeteria.

ZZ Packer

Some of the worst encounters are with rich young white boys.

But this is how she deals with one…

‘Frat boys arrived at the dish-room window en masse.

‘They liked to fill glasses with food, then seal them, airtright. onto their trays.

‘If you tried to prise them off…(food) ‘womited onto your dish-room uniform.

“When this happened one day in the middle of the lunch rush…I tipped the tray towards one of the frat boys…popping the glasses off so that the mess spurted onto his Shetland sweater.

‘He looked down at his sweater.

Lesbo bitch!’ (he muttered)

‘No, I said, that would be your mother.’

‘He glared at me for a minute, then walked away.’


Put it this way (with thanks to John Updike): ‘ZZ Packer tells it like it izz…her vision sizzles and fizzes.’

Get this book!

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