Bitter Water Sequel

jackie elliottElliott says Mayor would be out ‘by dinner time’ if election was re-run

 By Alan Tristram

Kapiti Coast Councillor Jackie Elliott says the four councilors who opposed the KCDC’s new water plan were all Mayoral candidates whose collective support during the last election far outnumbered voting support for the Mayor.

And she says if the mayoral election was re-run now, in the light of the water supply vote, Mayor Ross church would be ‘out by dinner time.’

A staff-recommended option of river recharge, funded by volume charging through water meters, was passed 7 votes to 4 — including support from Mayor Church and Waikanae Ward Councillor Tony Lloyd. Both had previously indicated they were against water meters.

The four councilors who voted against were Cr Elliott, Cr K Gurunathan (Guru), Cr David Scott and Cr Gavin Welsh

Cr Elliott says of the crucial vote: “Judging by the performance (at the meeting), if the election was today, there are doubts Mr Church would be mayor by dinner time and Cr Lloyd – who won by 4 votes – would almost certainly be ousted in Waikanae.

“While widely criticising Mayor Rowan’s, reverse decision on water meters, Mr Church has beaten Rowan to the end of a slippery slide with his sudden support for water meters and complete backdown of his election headlines to ‘build the dam ‘ confirmed just six weeks after being elected Mayor.”

Attempt to defer decision

Crs Elliott and Scott had recommended that council defer the final decision until the meeting in March 2014 – because the new Council hadn’t had the chance over the past six weeks to discuss the water supply options. However, they failed in the attempt.

Ms Elliott also says Councillors also requested reports from staff on updated leak-detection figures as savings may have already brought Kapiti close to the target consumption level.

Perhaps the most important issue, though, says Cr Elliott. is the fact Councillors expected a report back from lawyers Simpson and Greirson, saying exactly which votes on water supply were subject to a 5/6 majority vote and which were subject to the newly required 9/2 majority.

She says the 9/2 rule would give any three members at the table powers to outvote the other eight.


“Legal clarification was promised four days earlier and still didn’t arrive before this crucial meeting,” she says.


How surprising to read Cr. Elliott’s comments regarding the Council meeting on the water supply report. It read to me like the kettle calling the saucepan black.
1. Others would not have been voted in if voters had been at this meeting before voting. Should a Councillor turn and mouth a question to a member of the gallery who mouthed replies? We do not need a puppet at the Council table.
2. I apologised to Mayor Church. Having attended Council and committee meetings for almost 15 years I have never abused my privileges. I did at this meeting. Holding up the report I called across the table for Cr. Elliott to read page 18 which had a graph that supplied the info she was seeking. I was thoroughly frustrated.
3. The new Council needs time to learn meeting procedure, to read the papers given to them,
to debate issues, and respect each other.

Thank goodness sanity prevailed. I did not vote for Mr Church but he has won my respect. He has realized ( a tad too late for some) that we cannot afford a costly dam. Small families and those on fixed incomes will be much better off with a meter, than facing huge rate increases to pay for a dam.

‘The Sanctity of the Given Word’

Having just returned from a few days away with foul weather, I now find that I have returned to a fouler situation, to hear of the diabolical decision last Thursday, by the continued unpredictability of the KCDC. We elected persons who have been given the trust of the community for the next three years to exercise the majority requirements of the Kapiti community at large.

Again, some of these people have fallen short of the mark, due to the failings on this very important decision of the Water Meters, with two members, in particular, falling by the wayside, after reversing their stance on one of the main reasons why they were elected. The main defaulter, the Mayor – Ross Church, is a total disgrace and the other, Tony Lloyd, is a complete disaster, having just scraped in by only four votes, beating a person who really cares for his Waikanae – What can he ever say he has really achieved all the time he has represented the community.

I consider that both Ross Church and Tony Lloyd’s ‘Sanctity of the Given Word’ are as weak as weasel piss, both of you should be totally ashamed of yourselves and ride quietly out of town!

This has been tamed down from what I really wanted to say!