Beware the propaganda!

By Ann David

Religious organisations ready to go into bat

“Uncle Sam needs YOU” and “Nazi surrender draws nearer every time a woman joins the ATS” is nothing by comparison with the propaganda that religious organisations are likely to unleash in order to frighten citizens into voting against the End of Life Choice Bill at the referendum.

Of course, you won’t recognise them as religious organisations. They are way too smart for that.  They hide in the disguise of secular structures called inter alia: Right to Life, Family First, Care Alliance, Euthanasia Free NZ.

One of many church supported organisations

These are funded by religious organisations (primarily the Catholic Church) and they preach the message of the bishops.

 And so the clerical dogma is hidden as “social concern”.  

Don’t buy into the slippery slope concept

We’ll hear about the “slippery slope” that is Belgium and Holland where the number choosing medically assisted dying has grown exponentially.  It hasn’t.  It is still less than 5 percent in both countries, notwithstanding the fact that their laws are much more permissive than our own.  

Our own more restrictive eligibility criteria are likely to enable no more than 200 people annually to access medically assisted dying out of an annual death rate of 34,000 people. That’s around 0.6% of the dying. Not quite a tsunami! 

More suicides? Highly unlikely

We’ll hear how medically assisted dying is bound to drive up the rate of suicide in New Zealand, now that we’ve “approved suicide”.  It won’t. The same threat is made all around the globe wherever medically assisted dying is introduced, but it never eventuates.  It is mere hypothesis.  Parliament investigated the claim and all MPs were told that it is false, but that doesn’t stop some of them keeping the myth alive.

We’ll hear how medically assisted dying will endanger the lives of the disabled.  It won’t.  The Bill specifically rules out people from applying merely on the grounds of disability. 

 It is true that many terminal illnesses in their final stages bring people to the point of physical impairment, but the grounds for assisted dying is terminal illness, not physical disability. 

Designed to stop cruelty

In summary the End of Life Choice Bill is only for the dying.  Its objective is to stop the cruelty.  It is safe and protects the vulnerable. 

The vulnerable are protected they can choose

Parliament has approved it for use and now invites us to endorse or reject it at the next general election – probably around October 2020. 

Don’t be fooled by propaganda!

Many thanks to Ann David for her informative (as opposed to misleading) run-down on our ‘End of Life’ Choice bill – to be ratified by a binding Referendum and the sooner the better, so that people with a terminal illness can have peace of mind, knowing that, should they need and request it, a physician assisted, peaceful and dignified death will be possible.

It’s high time that religious zealots were prevented from foisting their beliefs on the majority – we are happy for them to die in whatever manner they choose.

A crystal clear account of religion masquerading as ‘social concern’. The Catholic Church is on public record as condemning the use of condoms even to prevent the transmission of HIV – that’s how warped is their dogma. It’s not only warped, it’s often deeply dishonest and hypocritical. The Church condemns homosexuality and deplores NZ’s high rate of Youth Suicide, ignoring the fact that suicide among LGBT youth is significantly higher than in the general population. The higher suicide rate among gays can be laid at least partly at the door of the Catholic public condemnation of homosexuality as a ‘disease’.
If requested, I can provide ample documentation to support my statements.
A good general rule is: if the Catholic Church doesn’t like it, it’s probably good.


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