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Bernie Randall, Paraparaumu/Raumati Community Board member, says elderly and disabled are poorly treated because bus shelters in Paraparaumu and Raumati need attention.

He says the Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) install the shelters but don’t put  them in the right places.

One reason, he says, is that homeowners do not like bus shelters outside their property.

‘The Bus Stop in Donovan Rd is a popular for residents and school children but it is surrounded by grass, making access difficulty for the disabled and elderly using walkers.

‘There’s a small concrete pad next to the bus sign but often residents are forced to stand on damp wet grass. Not healthy at all!

‘When the Regional Council installed a bus bay in Rimu Rd they removed a popular bus shelter. After representations we have been assured the shelter will be reinstated.’

Paraparaumu Beach

Bernie’s newsletter continues: ‘Last Sunday was glorious. Families and seniors were out in force on the walkway along Marine Parade. The path is popular because it follows the coastline and has a smooth flat surface that seniors prefer. It was built by the Rotary Pathways Trust.

There are plans to link the path north into Maclean Park. When that will happen is uncertain.

I believe the path could also be pushed further south but when I approached Council they claimed they need the area free for their vehicles to access the beach in case of a storm.

Poetry in Motion

Poet Cherllisha Silva

Congratulations to Cherllisha  Silva for winning the KIN poetry competition.

Within Paraparaumu/Raumati there is a large group of people keen on poetry and giving recitals.

Hightide Café has poetry reading on the last Sunday of each month and the Community Board recently gave a grant to Nicola Easthope to assist her to represent the Kapiti Coast at the Tasmania Poetry festival.’

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