Bernie and Guy Hail the Kāpiti Library Books Turnaround

The reinstatement of $411,000 for new library books in the proposed annual plan has been welcomed by Councillor Bernie Randall and Deputy Community Board Chair Guy Burns.

Board deputy chair Guy Burns
Cr Bernie Randall

They say the Covid-19 lockdown has shown the community the value of books and reading.

Communmity Board helped lead the way

In December the Paraparaumu/Raumati Community Board passed a resolution urging the Council to restore the total library book budget in the annual plan.

Bernie Randall and Guy Burns say: “Community activists such as Alan Tristram and Christopher Ruthe organised a petition and campaigned on the restoration before the election last year.

“Over 80% of Kapiti residents are members of our library.

“Books give an opportunity to learn and explore new ideas — and children who enjoy reading perform better in reading tests.

It was disappointing that in the previous triennium some Councillors claimed that a lack of shelving was responsible for the reduction.

Sad really

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