If you don`t have it – you can get it  (or fake it!)

By Paula Burkett
15th February 2012

Not happy with the attributes you were born with … NO PROBLEM!

Help is just a salon visit away. These days you can alter features of your body in a jiffy.  All you need is the aid of an accomplished therapist or hairdresser and you can walk away with a completely different look within hours.

Whatever you desire is within reach.  If you want longer hair, a trip to the hairdresser can help you with carefully placed hair extensions. Hair extensions are high maintenance though so be fully informed before having this done.

 Nails can be lengthened with acrylics, gels or the GO30 method. The latter method is kinder to the nails if you are planning on growing your own underneath and removing the extension later.  Again maintenance is required.  If you have acrylic or gel nails you will need to have them back filled regularly and GO30’s need to be removed and replaced on a regular basis.

 Tired of looking pale and wan? The easy fix is either a spray tan at a clinic or the self applied fake tans you can buy over the counter. A spray tan generally takes around 8 hours to develop before you shower and reveal your golden glowing self. It is recommended that you take dark loose fitting clothing to your appointment to wear afterward while your tan is developing.

 Want to change the colour of your eyes?  There are a variety of coloured contact lenses on the market and some even have designs imprinted onto them! You can frame your eyes with some nice dark lashes too. You can opt for the age old fake eyelashes for the evening that are glued on and removed before you go to bed, or you can get eyelash extensions which are grafted individually to your own eyelashes. Check the brand with your therapist as some are better quality than others, – and you do notice the difference once they are on. If you wear glasses, check the length isn’t going to interfere with them as this can be uncomfortable.

An alternative is an eyelash tint that can help darken lighter lashes and give them the appearance of being fuller.

Add a nice dress and a pair of heels and you will be amazed by the `new look` you!


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