‘Be Kind’ Captures Kāpiti Couple

Alan Tristram says Kāpiti samaritans have been kind again to him and his wife Helen after an unexpected bike crash.

Yesterday Helen toppled down as she tried to get onto her cycle on the path opposite the Police Station in Paraparaumu.

She ended up on the path with the cycle on top of her — and a large bruise plus blood on her left leg.

The call for help

I was about 20 metres in front of her and heard her yell out for help as she fell.

But by the time I got to her, a smartly-dressed man had stopped his SUV in the left- hand lane of the traffic stream and run to her aid.

He insisted on helping her to her feet and untangling the bike from the hedge while traffic drove round his car…and he refused to go back until he was sure Helen wasn’t seriously hurt.

Thank you so much Ian!

The taxi driver

Next we staggered to the KCDC buildings with our cycles and I called Paraparaumu Taxis for urgent help.

Then another remarekable rescue took place.

Within just a few minutes a taxi driver called Peter arrived at the sorry scene.

He helped Helen into the taxi and told me the ride would cost us nothing (thanks to Labour’s fares remission, plus our Mobility card).

At that stage, I intended to park Helen’s bike and come back for it later. Not neceesary.

‘Peter said: “Would you like me to take her bike too?” Would I what!

He then opened the taxi boot and folded down the rear seat. But the bike still wouldn’t fit in.

“That’s all right,” he said, “I’ll just take the front wheel off.” He did this and then managed to push the bike into the back of his immaculate white taxi.

By the time I cycled home to Raumati Beach, St Peter had taken Helen inside, and reassembled her cycle and parked it round the side of our house. Then he’d driven off — and I didn’t get a chance to thank him

So thank you Peter. Thank you for going the extra mile. Paraparumu Taxis can be proud of you.

It makes me think: ‘Who can dare to say that we don’t live in the ‘best damn part of the best damn country in the world!’

But just remember: Be kind.

We will try too.

Wonderful to hear there are still lovely people around. This is the Kapiti Coast we know and love. Hope Helen is recovering from what must’ve been an awful fright. Love to you both.
Felicity Stacey-Clark

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