Bar Manager Speaks Out

Kāpiti Police slated for not removing troublemakers before tragedy took place

By Alan Tristram
The manager of the Kāpiti Lights Retro Bar, David Aitken, has denied the bar’s alleged role in the tragic death of Izak Millanta early on Saturday morning.
And he has criticised the police for not stepping in to trespass the two alleged troublemakers from the car park at Kāpiti Lights before the killing took place.
In a media statement, David Aitken says:
‘Asked for rights to trespass’
The car park of Kapiti Lights Complex is privately owned by a board. I have continually asked the chairperson of the body corporate for the rights to trespass people from the car park for breaching the 24/7 liquor ban.
She has in turn given rights to the police. If someone is caught breaching the liquor ban they are supposed to receive a 72-hour trespass notice and anyone re-offending should receive a notice for 24 months.
Anyone caught drinking in the car park is refused entry to Retro Bar but this is all we can do.
The two main suspects on Friday night came into the bar earlier in the night but left not long after. They then attempted to re enter the bar but that is when they had started drinking in the car park so they were refused entry.
Police ‘drove past at least twice
They spent around 45 minutes to an hour drinking in the car park with police driving past at least twice. Not once were these people approached by the police or trespassed as they should have been.
When the argument started out in the car park it was down in front of The Cock bar. Myself and two security went down to break this up.
My security were the first to alert police immediately that Izak was being chased into Coastlands. Izak came nowhere near the bar.
We do understand that the police are understaffed and they cannot constantly monitor the car park: This is why I wanted the rights to issue a trespass notice.
The harsh truth is that if the police had trespassed these people for breaching the liquor ban as they should have then they wouldn’t have been in the car park at the time Izak and his brother were around for an altercation to take place.
We also want to send our condolences and deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Izak Millanta.

Special closure

And in a special statement, Mark Spiekerman adds:

“After discussions with my staff and since the funeral for Izak is tomorow we are closing Retro Bar after our Amigo’s Restaurant service to show our respect to Izak family and friends.

“This is very tragic to lose such a young life and all my staff are deeply affected by this. We would like to pass on our condolences from all the staff to Izak family and friends.

And as mentioned in our earlier email this had nothing to do with the Retro Bar as this happened outside “The Cock” bar and outside K.C.D.C offices and (we) find it unjust to have the blame put on Retro Bar.

This is a tragic time for the family, friends and our community– this is a time for grieving.