Avaaz Says: ‘Stop Rape Now !’

Raped by their bosses. Assaulted while trying to work, says human rights group Avaaz. 

Avaaz reports:: ‘Millions of women face sexual abuse at work.

‘But in weeks, we can help bring to life a groundbreaking treaty that could protect women everywhere from workplace violence. 

‘So, let’s deliver our call to champion countries, such as Spain and Argentina, ahead of a major global summit, and convince governments to back the law. Sign now! (see link at end of story)

For instance, says Avaaz, more than 120 women at garment factories in Lesotho say they were sexually abused by their supervisors. Some say they were raped at their factory premises.

‘These women are not alone, says Avaaz. ‘80% of garment workers surveyed in Bangladesh have experienced or witnessed sexual violence and harassment at work. So have millions of women worldwide.

‘But, in weeks — we can help bring to life a groundbreaking treaty that could protect women everywhere from workplace violence!

More countries need to ratify

‘6 countries have ratified it, but we need more to bring it into law worldwide. So, let’s take our call directly to champion countries, such as Spain, Argentina and Ecuador, ahead of a major global summit on women’s rights, and help ring the alarm across the world.

Around 1 in 4 countries have NO laws covering sexual harassment in work. And those that do, don’t always work. In France — 30% of women say they’ve been sexually harassed or assaulted at work, demonstrating the need for reforms!

Treaty could be a game changer

‘But this treaty could be a game changer. For the first time, countries would be required to develop national laws prohibiting workplace violence, take preventative measures, and ensure survivors have access to remedies. Coupled with bold, domestic reforms, it could change the lives of women across the globe.

‘Stories of sexual violence and assault can make us feel powerless, but this is something we can do right now to better protect women all across the world. We’re standing on the shoulders of generations of women and allies who fought for this – let’s make them proud.

‘And, insiders say now is the time to get more states onboard! World leaders are about to meet at a huge summit in France and champion countries are ready to back the call. So, let’s get to 1 million signatures and deliver our voices directly to them. Sign and share now!

Sign now to stand with women everywhere! https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/ilo_loc/?bsTjcpb&v=133457&cl=18332674064&_checksum=d24c833f94d02ca7709dd0315bcfe880ea56c9881dfb6295aa707f9250767a12

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