Attractions in Whareroa Farm

Pam Childs says be quick to catch the flowering kohekohe.

It doesn’t happen every year

Photos by Pam Childs, story by Roger Childs

This native tree is amazing as it flowers from the trunk and branches. It’s not an annual event, but it is happening now.

The spectacle is well worth seeing at Whareroa Farm. Probably the best approach is to make the trek up towards the lookout from the Shelter, then turn off to the right on a downhill trail.

Most of the kohekohe are in the forest, but on the way down there are individual flowering trees on the right.

But wait, there’s more! If you continue on from the forest up onto the Farm Road, turn left, then hop over a style on the right and on to a grassy track.

More excellent examples of the flowering kohekohe can be seen in the bush higher up this track.

Once you’ve seen these, you can retrace your steps go right and take in the iconic painted caravan at the HUB.




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